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Building Green with Iowa SIPs

High Insulation Value

  • Iowa SIP panels range in R value from R-26 to R-57. Traditional stick-built homes have an R value ranging between R-9 and R-13. (Research results from the Oak Ridge Research Laboratory operated for the Department of Energy). R value measures the resistance to heat flow.

  • Iowa SIP homes perform in hot as well as cold temperatures. This is why your refrigerator, heater, and hot water heater use the same insulation we use.

  • Iowa SIP homes use considerably less in heating and cooling their homes. “The energy we use at home accounts for about a fifth of U.S. global warming pollution. That means making smart choices at home matters.” (Environmental Defense website). This reduces your consumption of fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

    View our R-value comparisons

Waste Reduction

  • Iowa SIP panels are job-site ready. There is no need to cut, frame or trim excessive amounts of material for your home. Our panels are built to your specifications. This reduces your on-site construction waste and less waste into our landfills.

  • Iowa SIP panels are 100% recyclable- from the foam to the OSB. This is just another way we are good for the earth.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

  • Oriented Strand Board or OSB is made derived from fast growing, replaceable tree crops. OSB panels are produced in a way that uses a large percentage of every tree.

  • Our polyurethane foam is made by Ecomate which produces environmentally friendly foam that is recyclable and non-corrosive. Read below for more information on Ecomate.

Healthy Environment

  • Iowa SIP homes are airtight preventing allergens and dust from penetrating into your home. This provides a healthier living environment for you and your family.

  • Humidity is better controlled with an Iowa SIP home since it is a more airtight environment. This reduces the opportunity for mold growth and dust mites to survive.

  • You control your home environment. On those cold wintry days you won’t feel the gaps in your home since there aren’t any. Your HVAC system will be smaller and able to provide you with superior indoor temperature control.

Check out why we think polyurethane foam is your ideal insulation solution.

Ecomate Polyurethane Foam--- ecomate

Iowa SIPS partners with EcoMate Foaming Solutions to provide you a green SIP building product out there.

Ecomate foam is…

  • Hygienically safe

  • Thermally efficient

  • Recyclable

  • Non-corrosive

  • Zero ozone depletion potential

  • Zero global warming potential

  • Smog exempt

  • Meets and exceeds all market, regulatory and environmental mandates. It is not on the list of foams slated to be phased out in 2010.

Build Better with Iowa SIPs

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